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Share those Good Vibes, share those Smiles and Support your Locals

Our story is simple, we love our great state of Florida. I am a full time firefighter and my wife runs her business. We often take mini vacations right here in the beautiful state of Florida. Our happy time is on, around, or under the water. Florida with its 1,350 miles of tropical coastline and each town having its own Coastal Flo Vibe. Why go anywhere else?

So we created a Florida Lifestyle brand to accompany you on your Salty outdoor adventures. But more importantly, our mission is to spread and share the Coastal Flo Vibe, and to support other locals along the way. Remember if you want to see the real Florida...take a local fishing charter, local dive excursion, eat local, shop local and ask a local. We have learned and seen so much of Florida we would've never experienced without the locals in each town we have visited. There is something truly healing about being around the salty waters, its truely our happy place.

Coastal Flo is "Good for the Soul"